Monday, August 3, 2009


Stumbled on your facebook last week... so I added you. I sure knew you'd accept my invitation, but still nervous I am, just don't know why. People go stupid when falling in love. I still remember clearly the day I met you, it was a cold winter day, I was new to the surroundings and I stumbled upon your beautiful face... My heart stopped beating for a short while.

It was like a good plan of God, sent you to me for a few weeks, to cheer me up after the saddest day I'd been through, to warm me up in the coldest days of the winter. I'm thankful to God for those sweet things.

But why all good things have to come to an end? Why can't happy moments last longer? Just a bit longer. I had to say goodbye to you and come back to my country. Though nothing had exceeded the limits, but I am still treasuring every moments we've had.

Love you!


  1. ohhh... very romantic letter...

    How the story continue?

  2. Oh, of course he accepted my invitation as a mate... but I wish we could go further!

  3. you are so full of warmth and love... hope you will always happy and healthy... take care.