Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've just told my closet friend the miserable relationship with my buddy last week and I felt so releasing... I had been staying silent since it happened. I knew my so called good friend had betrayed me and hooked up with my boy behind my back but I still forgave him... Wonder why I could be so generous then. But I don't care who did this and that, by gone is by gone, no one could change anything...

Maybe we weren't destined to be together... but I'd never regret my decision... I've learnt so many morals from life, it's been giving strength to overcome the darkest days in my life which I'd thought I'd have never been through...

Now we're back to be friends, I know there forever will be a slight distance between us but I hope it won't keep our friendship cold. Sometimes I still get shy when catching you're staring at me; somehow I still miss those days, a part of me is still being deeply attached to you...

Monday, August 3, 2009


Stumbled on your facebook last week... so I added you. I sure knew you'd accept my invitation, but still nervous I am, just don't know why. People go stupid when falling in love. I still remember clearly the day I met you, it was a cold winter day, I was new to the surroundings and I stumbled upon your beautiful face... My heart stopped beating for a short while.

It was like a good plan of God, sent you to me for a few weeks, to cheer me up after the saddest day I'd been through, to warm me up in the coldest days of the winter. I'm thankful to God for those sweet things.

But why all good things have to come to an end? Why can't happy moments last longer? Just a bit longer. I had to say goodbye to you and come back to my country. Though nothing had exceeded the limits, but I am still treasuring every moments we've had.

Love you!